Sunday, 9 December 2012

Indian Delicacy- Hot & Spicy Prawn Polao/Rice

Hot Spicy Prawn Rice/Polao

  Hot & Spicy Prawn Polao/Rice

Ingredients: Medium size Prawn( Leg, skin,head removed-washed & cleaned)-Half Boiled with a pinch of salt, Aromatic Long grain Rice-500 gms ( Hard boiled with 1 full lemon juice, a pinch of salt & water)Cashew , Almond & Raisins- 30 gms , Bay leaf- 4, Green Cardamon-6, Cinamon -2 inch stick( chopped), Nutmeg- 1 (paste), Cloves - 6,  Salt & Sugar - to taste, De seeded red chili- 2, White oil/ Butter  - 150 gms.

Process: Heat 150 grams oil/ ghee on a pan, Add prawn & fry a little. Keep aside.
Add cinamon, cardamom , clove, bay leaf, chili, & fry in low heat for 1 min.Gradually add the steamed rice & fold with a wooden spoon. Add half quantity of prawn, half quantity of (Cashew , Almond & Raisins) to the same & once done remove it from fire. Place the spicy rice in a decorative serving bowl add the remaining prawn, Cashew , Almond & Raisins & steam for another 5 mins / micro high for 2 mins.

To serve : Hot & Spicy Prawn Polao/Rice goes best with Raita ( Curd/ Yogurt mixed with cucumber, onion, corriender leaves,sugar, salt, black pepper, & half lemon juice , tomatoes) & some crispy french fries.

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