Sunday, 30 September 2012

Indian Delicacy-Coconut Pakora ( Narkel er Bara)

Narkel Bada/Coconut Pakora

Narkoler Bada ( Coconut  Pakora)

Ingredients: Grated coconut -2 cups , Uncooked rice grains soaked in water for half an hour -1/2 cup& then grated , Sugar – 1 spoon , Saunf/ Mouri( Fennel Seed) grated- ½ spoon , chili- 2-3 , salt to taste, oil for frying  , Posto(poppy)  seeds- 2-3 spoon ( roasted )

Process: Mix all the ingredients as mentioned above so that small balls can be made . 
Fry the balls  in oil & serve hot with green chutney/ sauce.

Tips : Ideal to try out during rainy season.

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