Sunday, 9 September 2012

Low Calorie Bengali Delicacy- Doi Mangsho/Mutton

 Mutton Dahi ( Doi Mangsho)- low calorie


 Mutton - 1 Kg  Curd- 500 Grams Garlic paste -100 gms Onion paste -100 gms Ginger paste- 50 gms
Dry Red chill -5 pcs, Shah Marich- 2 tbs, Keora water- 1 drop , tej pata ( bay leaf) - 2 , Dar chini (cinamon) 2 sticks, 4 tbs white oil  , salt to taste


Wash  & clean mutton thoroughly add salt & shah marich, Mix curd with ginger paste , Mix it with mutton & keep the same under refrigeration for  half & hour. Heat oil in a pan, add bay leaves,( tej pata )chillies, onion & garlic paste. Fry well till water comes out. Cover it till the meat becomes tender & add Keora water before serving.

Try the same with plain rice / chapati.May be tried with chicken ,fish also.
Light and  tasty mutton.....a delight to experience.

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