Sunday, 30 September 2012

Low Calorie Indian Delicacy- Alu Dahi Bara/ Potato Yogurt Delight

Alu Dahi Bara/Potato Yogurt Delight

Alu Dahi Bara/Potato Yogurt Delight

Ingredients:  Small sized potatoes-350 grams, Hung curd – 3 cups , Jeera powder(roasted) 1 spoon,  Kaju & Raisins ( grated )– 2 spoons, Ginger( finely chopped) -2 spoons, Corriender leaves ( dices) – 1 spoon, red chili powder-1/4 spoon, ½ spoon sugar, Tamarind sauce & rock salt ( kala namak ) to taste .

: Boil potatoes, mash & mix with2 cups of hung curd, salt & sugar. Prepare small cup sized outer coating & fill the potato cups  with grated Kaju & Raisins. Once done arrange the same on a serving bowl . Sprinkle rock salt, red chili powder over the same.  Por the remaining curd ( 1 cup ) over the potato balls. Garnish with corriender  leaves & tamarind paste.

To serve: An ideal snack...

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