Sunday, 30 September 2012

Indian Delicacy -Masala Pomfret ( Indian style)

Masala Pomfret(yellow curry)

Masala Pomfret /Pomfret Yellow curry 

Ingredients: Pomfret Fish -250 gms, Diced Onion - 50 grams, Green chili- 4-5 pcs, Corrinder leaves grated- 4-5 spoons, Ginger and Garlic paste - 25 grams, Mustard Oil- 130 grams, Red chili paste- 1/2 spoon, salt to taste, Geera paste- 10 grams,Kala jeera- 5 grams, Haldi /(Turmeric)Powder- 10 grams , Diced Tomatoes- 25 grams.Lemon juice- 5 spoons, Water 1/2 cup.

Process : Marinate the Fish with lemon juice for 2 hours. Add haldi powder, red chili paste & salt. Fry the fish in mustard oil. Add Kala jeera , diced onion, ginger garlic paste & green chili ,keep frying till fish is done Add some water.Add Diced tomatoes & serve hot with corrinder leaves after garnishing.

Tips : To try with steamed rice/ Chapati/ Parathas.

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