Sunday, 23 September 2012

Low Calorie Indian Delicacy -Mixed Fruit Lassi/Yogurt Delight

Mixed Fruit Yogurt/Lassi Delight

Mixed Fruit Low calorie Yogurt /Lassi Delight(  Fruit Ghol ) 

Ingredients: 1 Pear ( naspati) 1- Apple , 2- tbsl Apricot Jam, 2 Spoon -Pista/ Almonds ( for decoration ) Sugar( optional ) 2 tbs - Honey ,2 cups-  Fat free Yogurt/ Curd, Pudina leaves- 4-6 pcs.Few Ice cubes.

Process : Mix all the above mentioned items in a blender & serve.Garnish with 2 pudina leaves on top

Tip : To Serve with snacks / anytime to beat the heat.
Home made low calorie easy cool drink lassi  to beat summer ...anytime.

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