Sunday, 14 October 2012

Indian Delicacy- Baked Hilsa in banana leaf ( Elish paturi)

Baked Hilsa in Banana leaf/ Ilish Paturi

 Baked Hilsa in banana leaf / Elish paturi

Ingredients : Hilsa Fish – 1 Kg (dressed)White mustard- ¼ cup(paste), Mustard oil- 500 gms, Green chili- 10, curd – 50 gms, Salt to taste. Sugar – 1 spoon, Banana leaf- 10 , Cotton thread- 60 inch.

Process: Wash the fish in running water & remove eggs if any. Boil the banana leaves for 2-3 mins to make it tender & keep aside. In a bowl mix mustard paste, chili paste, sugar, salt. Curd & mix it with the raw fish. Marinate the same for 1 hour. Now wrap the marinated fish with the banana leaves & you may tie the same with cotton thread to ensue there isn’t any  gap for oil leakage. Deep fry the fishes  in oil & serve hot.

To serve : With steamed rice.

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