Saturday, 13 October 2012

Indian Delicacy- Cottage cheese/Paneer in creamy white sauce ( Paneer La- jawab)

Cottage cheese in creamy white sauce

Cottage cheese/Paneer in creamy white sauce( Paneer La- jawab)

Ingredients: Cottage cheese/Paneer-250 grams( cut into 1and ½ inch square)Cormflour- 2 tbs, Cardamom- 2 Big ( crushed),Bay leaf- 4, Green chili- 4 (paste)Curd- 100 grams, Cashew /Kaju nuts- 50 grams(paste), Sugar- 2 tbs, Salt- 1 tsp/to taste,Cooking Oil- 100 grams, Raisins- 10-12.

Process :Take the sliced paneer, roll it over the cornflour & fry lightly in low fire.Keep aside.
Heat oil in a non- stickpan, add grated brown cardamom paste,chili paste, bayleaf, lightly fried paneer,salt. Cook it in  low fire slowly.Now add kaju paste ,sugar & simmer for 2 mins. Now add the curd & cover the cooking pan.

To serve with : Bread/ Roti/  Peas Polao ( Spicy Peas rice)

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