Saturday, 13 October 2012

Indian Delicacy - Soya Granules Payesh ( Soya Rice & Milk Dessert)

Soya Granules Payesh/ Dessert

Soya Granules Payesh ( Soya granules  Rice & Milk Dessert)

Ingredients- Milk 750 ml, Soya granules- 50 grams ( boiled) Cornflour- 1and ½ tsp, Cardamom-2-3, Sugar- 3 tbsp, Ghee/ White butter- 3 tbsp, Raisins-8-10 pcs,, Almonds- 8-10 pcs, Cashew -8-10 pcs. Vanilla / Rose essence 1 tbsp -  – as per preference

Process : Boil milk in a pan, Add Cardamom powder , Sugar & boil it.  Pour ghee in a pan & lightly fry cashew, almonds,raisins & soya granules.Once done add the boiled milk to the same . Add the cornflour & boil it for 2 mins. Add sugar to taste if reqd.  Mix the essence & add the essence as required.

To serve : After lunch/ dinner as a dessert.( Can be taken either hot/ cold )

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