Sunday, 14 October 2012

Indian Delicacy- Bhetki Cashew curry

Bhetki Cashew Curry

  Bhetki Cashew  curry

Ingredients: Bhetki Fillet-1 Kg, Hung curd- 100 gms, Onion- 100 gms,Garlic -10 pods, Tomato puree -100 ml,Ginger – 2 inch( paste )Poppy seeds/ Posto- 1tbsp(paste), Cashew paste – 2tbsp, Sweet Attar( biryani  essence)- 4 drops, Sugar – 2tbs, Butter- 100 gram, Corn flour – 50 gram, Flour -50 grams, Egg- 1, Green chili- 10.Lemon- 2
Process : Cut bhetki  into 2inch/2inch pcs to make approx 30-32 pcs. Marinate the same with lemon juice & salt for 15 mins. Discard the water & keep the fishes aside. In a bowl add cornflour, flour ,egg & mix well to prepare a batter.    Heat 20 gms butter  in a non stick pan & dip the fishes into batter  one by one & fry till golden brown. Keep the fried fishes aside.            Gravy:  Heat the remaining butter in a pan , Add onion, garlic ginger to the same & fry well. Add tomato puree , hung curd & mix well, gradually add Poppy seed paste & cashew paste to the curry.Add a cup of water & let it boil for sometime.Add sugar & essence & let it mix well for 2-3 mins.

Arrange the fried fishes in a serving bowl & spread the  gravy from the top.
To serve with :Bread/ Roti with cucumber & onion salad.

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