Saturday, 13 October 2012

Indian Delicacy- Crunchy Pomfret Fish ( dry)

Crunchy Pomfrets

 Crunchy Pomfrets

Ingredients: Pomfret Fish( Medium size) 6, Capsicum- 2 ( chopped as 1  inch cubes) Onion- 2,( chopped as 1 inch cubes) Vinegar- 4tbsp, Soya sauce- 2tbsp, Salt – to taste, Chili- 4 ( sliced) Tomato Sauce-2 tbsp, Chili Sauce – 1tbsp, Cooking oil- 6 tbsp,Potato- 12 ( small round boiled)Cucumber -1 Tomato-1

Marinate-Cut the pomfet fish to  take out the bones, Marinate with vinegar, soya sauce for ½ an hour.

Process: Heat oil in a non- stick pan. Add onions & capsicum, chili & sugar to fry well for approx 4 mins until the same becomes crispy. Remove the same from fire.Now add the marinated pomfret & cook for 7-8 mins or till done. Remove excess oil if any.
In a serving bowl place the fishes along with crispy fried onion & capsicums. Pour the tomato & chili sauce from the top.

Garnish : To serve with cucumber, fresh tomatoes & boiled potatoes

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