Saturday, 6 October 2012

Low Calorie- Ginger Tomato Cool Drink ( Ada (adrak) Sharbat)

Ginger Tomato Cool drink / Adrak Sharbat

  GingerTomato Cool Drink ( Ada/Adrak Sharbat)

Ingredients: 1 inch ginger finely diced, 1 Tomato, Rock salt & Sugar to taste, 1- tsp- lemon juice.Ice cubes - 2 cups ( crushed). Garnishing : Roasted 1/2 spoon cumin seeds & 1/2 spoon red chili powder.

Process : Boil the diced ginger in water for 15 mins.Press the gingers to extract the juice & pass the water through a seive .Put the tomato in a mixie to make a paste & extract the juice of the same by using a seive.
Mix the tomato & ginger juice .Add lemon juice, salt & sugar to taste, Add crushed ice & serve chilled.

Garnish with roasted 1/2 spoon cumin seeds & 1/2 spoon red chili powder

Serves : 2 head....Good for health indeed ...Anytime.

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