Saturday, 13 October 2012

Indian Delicacy Low calorie - Baked Bhetki

Baked Bhetki 

 Baked Bhetki 

Ingredients: Bhetki Fish ( cut into 2’inch) -300 gms, Onion -3 ( cut in thin round shape)Red Tomatoes-4( Thinly sliced in round shape) Green chili- 4 ,Flour- 2 tbsp, Black pepper powder-1 tbsp, Sugar – 1and ½ tsp, Salt- 1 tsp/ to taste, Vinegar- 2 tbsp, white oil- 1 tbsp( for cooking).

Process: Mix all the spices as mentioned above & sprinkle it on the fishes & keep aside.

Heat oil in a pan & once done place the finely cut onions to cover the base of the pan . Similarly the next layer should be og finely sliced tomatoes. Now place the fish with spices & sprinkle some vingar over the same. Cover the fishes with a late of remaining tomatoes & onion & cook till tender.( Microwave may be used for 10 mins  with cover as an alternate cooking mode)

To serve with :Bread /steamed rice.

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