Sunday, 14 October 2012

Indian Delicacy- Coconut Sweet Pancake (Patisapta)

Coconut Sweet Pancake ( Patisapta)

Coconut  Sweet Pancake (Patisapta)

Ingredients: Aromatic Basmati  Rice – 5oo grams,Semolina/ Suji-50 grams,Grated coconut- 2 cups, Sugar- 2 cups, Milk powder( with water )/ Condensed milk- 1 cup, Ghee/Cooking oil - 100 grams.Baking powder – 1 tsp. Jaggery (Panela or Gur)- 100 grams

Process : Put the uncooked  rice , Semolina in a bender to make a powder . Add Baking powder & water to prepare a batter.
 Filling: Pour ghee in a pan add coconut, condensed milk & sugar & cook for sometime  ,Keep aside once the color changes to brown.

In a non stick pan pour some ghee & heart well. Now add the batter & spread to give a round shape.Fry the other side also. Put the filling in the middle & make like a roll.

To serve with : Decorate  with almonds , cherriesJ aggery (Panela or Gur)- running consistency….A festive occasion delight.

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