Saturday, 13 October 2012

Indian Delicacy-Gilebi ( Gram Flour in sugar syrup)



Ingredients: Flour -1 ½ cup . Kesar – ½ tsp, Sodium bi carb- 1tsp, Water, Sugar – 2 and ½ cup water 1.25 cups. Ghee- 100 grams.

Process: Mix Flour, kesar, Sodium bi card , water & keep aside for 2 hours in a cool dark place for fermentation. Heat ghee in a pan, but the fermented batter in the squeezer & make pan like gibeli in medium heat. Both sides to be fried till golden brown.
Syrup: In water boil sugar for 5 mins.  Keep aside. Once the jilebi is fried dip the same into the hot syrup immediately. Keep for a minute or so & transfer the hot gilebi to a dry bowl.

To serve: Anytime…goes well with vanilla ice-cream also.

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