Sunday, 14 October 2012

Indian Delicacy- Spicy Arvi( Kochu subji)

Spicy Arvi / Kochu subji

 Spicy Arvi( Kochu subji)

Ingredients: Arvi ( root)/Kochu-500 grams, Potato- 200 gms, Ajwain- 2tbsp, Red chili flakes- 2 tbsp,Turmeric- 1tsp, Green chili slices – 2 Salt – to taste, Sugar – 1 tsp, Lentil ( Chana dal)- 2 tbsp, Curry leaves- 10 ,Black mustard seeds – 1 tbsp.Cooking oil- 100 grams.Lemon juice – 1 tsp.

Process : Blanch the skin of Arvi & potato after boiling & cut it into 2 halves.   Heat 100 grams of oil in a pan sprinkle some mustard seeds, green chili slices,Ajwain , Chana Dal & fry in a low fire for 3-4 mins. Add  arvi, potatoes , turmeric & stir well. Add ref chili flakes, curry leaves, lemon juice, salt & sugar. Fry more to make it dry.

To serve with : Bread/ Roti and salad.

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