Saturday, 13 October 2012

Indian Delicacy- Low Calorie-Spicy Cottage cheese pancake

Spicy Cottage Cheese Cabbage wrap

Spicy Cottage cheese pancake

Cabbage wrap

Ingredients: Cottage Cheese/Paneer- 250 grams, Milk Powder/ Milk Khoya-100 grams, Grated coconut- 100 grams, Green chili paste- 2tbsp, Ginger paste- 3 tbs, White mustatd paste- 4 tbsp,
Cuminseeds- 1tsp, Redchili- 2 ( flakes) Salt – to taste/1tsp, Sugar-1and ½ tsp,Cooking oil-3 tbs, Cabbage leaves- 5-6 .
Process : Knead cottage cheese, Milk powder, grated coconut, ginger paste, chili paste, mustard paste & keep the dough aside.
Heat oil in a non- stick pan.Sprinkle cumin seeds& add the dough & fry till it becomes semi-soft dry dough. Divide the  cottage cheese dough into 6 balls.
Take a cabbage leaf & brush a layer of oil, now keep a ball of cottage cheese dough & press to cover the cabbage leaf area.Cover the dough with another cabbage leaf like a sandwich.  Steam it for 5 mins/ put in  a microwave  for 3 mins, till it becomes semi hard cake like solid.You can prepare the same in wraps/ roll form.

To serve with :Spicy Peas Rice , cucumber, tomato & onion salad.

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