Sunday, 14 October 2012

Indian Delicacy- Ripe Pumpkin Chickpeas stir fry ( Kumro Choka)

Ripe Pumpkin Chickpeas stir fry

Ripe Pumpkin Chickpeas stir fry ( Kumro Choka)

Ingredients: Ripe Pimpkin -500 grams (cut into 1 inch pcs)Potato- 3 ( medium sized) boiled, de skinned ,cut into 8 pcs each, Green chili- 2 pcs, Red chili- 2 pcs ( cut into small pcs). Indian 5 Herbs/ 5 Phoron ( Black cumin seeds-1 tbs, Black mustard seeds-1 tbs, Ajwain-1 tbs, Fenugreek-1 tbs, Anne seeds-1tbs)Ghee/White oil- 150 grams, Bay leaf – 4,Cinamom- 1 inch, Green cardamom- 4, Sugar – 1 tsp,Salt to taste-1 tbsp,Chick Peas -100grams ( boiled)
Garnishing :Grated coconut -100 grams. Chili flakes-1tsp,black cumin seeds-1 tsp , corriender seeds-1 corriender leaves- 3-4 tbs.

Process : Heat approx 100 grams cooking oil/ghee  in a wide non- stick pan. Sprinkle Indian 5 Herbs/ 5 Phoron & fry it in a low fire for 2 mins.Now add the potatoes , alt & stir fry for 8-10 mins till light brown. Add the pumpkind pcs, chick peas, bay leaf, cinamon, cardamom & fry more.Add sugar & the remaining 50 grams of oil & cook covered tiil the pumpkin is done.
Garnish with roasted & Chili flakes,black cumin seeds, corriender seeds & grated coconut   & green corriender leaves.
To serve  with : Bread/ Roti.

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