Sunday, 7 October 2012

Indian Delicacy- Egg Chatpata ( Dim er Jaldi curry )

Egg Chatpata / Dim er  Jaldi curry


   Egg Chatpata/Dim Er jaldi curry 

Ingredients :       Eggs- 3 ( hard boiled), Tamarind paste ( 60 grams) White pepper powder- 5grams, Light soya  Sauce-2 ml, Sugar candy – 15 grams,  Big Onion-   1 Finely chopped & fried till golden brown,  Salt- to taste, Green Chili- 3 finely chopped. Cooking oil- 2 tsp. Freshly grated coconut  4-5 spoon ( for garnishing)

Process : De- shell the hard boiled eggs  & fry till golden brown. Cut the eggs vertically & keep aside.
Curry : Put the tamarind paste in a pan & add the sugar candy, pepper powder & soya sauce. Once the curry is done add the green chili & salt.   Now keep the boiled eggs in a serving dish & pour the sauce from the top.  Garnish with fried onion & freshly grated coconut from the top.

Tips: Try it out anytime with Paratha of any type.

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