Saturday, 13 October 2012

Indian Delicacy- Mango Paratha with Chili Pickle

Mango Paratha with Chili Pickle

Mango Paratha/Bread  with Chili Pickle

Ingredients: Flour  -2 Cups, Mango pulp- 1 cup (raw mango  roasted & de seeded)Salt to taste, Jeera powder (roasted)-1tbsp, Red chili flakes- 1 tbsp, Sugar -1/2 spoon,Salt – 1spoon/to taste, Sweet mango pickle- 2 spoon,  White oil – for frying
Process- Prepare a dough with flour, salt & water.    Take the mango pulp & add the above mentioned ingredients & mix well.   Prepare 8 balls with the dough & stuff the mango pulp in the middle of the balls.Sprinkle some flour & give the shape of paratha,( circular/ triangle)
Fry/ roast the paratha in a pan & serve with Chili Pickle:

Chili Pickle- Green chili-500 grams , Salt -1/4 cup ( to taste) , Red chili- 10,Tamarind pulp-1/2 cup, Vinegar – 1 cup.Garlic- 200 grams Onion – 1 pcs,  Sugar -1 cup. Roasted Methi ( Dried Fenugreek powder)– 1tbsp, Seasame oil/ Olive oil- 1 cup
Process: Put  500 gram green chili ,red chili, garlic, onion, vinegar in a a blender, Once  done heat  oil in a pan & add the above mentioned ingredients & stir for sometime till it dries. Add the remaining ingredients  ( tamarind pulp & sugar) & sprinkle the dried fenugreek powder.

To serve : You can have green salad & a sweet dish with the same.

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